WolfHacks is a renowned and highly reputable event across the Peel District School Board. As such, being associated with WolfHacks will allow your brand to positively impact the community in an effective and noteworthy way. Additionally, investing in WolfHacks will provide you with valuable brand exposure. Sponsors can have their logo shown to thousands of students and community members across the PDSB through our website, advertisements, and social media posts. Furthermore, WolfHacks is a great opportunity for your company to connect with the future leaders of tomorrow, as you will be able to witness and interact with some of the brightest students in the PDSB.

Currently, we are focusing on financial contributions to fund the event's expenses. However, we acknowledge that not all companies will be able to sponsor us in this method. Thus, if you wish to provide us with different avenues of sponsorships, those would also be greatly appreciated. Non-monetary sponsorships can be in the form of prizes, merchandise/swag, equipment, mentors or other contributions.



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