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What is WolfHacks?

WolfHacks is a non-profit hackathon organized by Chinguacousy Secondary School SciTech students. This year, we are inviting Peel students from Grades 7-12 to come together and design creative solutions to real-world problems.

Mission and Vision

As a student-led organization, we believe that youth can change the world. We want to empower students by providing them with valuable skills, insights, and experiences in the STEM field. Through these opportunities, we envision that WolfHacks will serve as a launching pad for the next generation of problem solvers and world leaders.

Why WolfHacks?

At WolfHacks, we will give participants the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills through our design challenge. Additionally, we will have experienced mentors, expert guest speakers, engaging workshops, networking opportunities, prizes, and more!


A Look Back at WolfHacks:

The WolfHacks21 Experience

Want to see what goes on at WolfHacks? Check out our WolfHacks 2021 recap video


"WolfHacks was my first ever hackathon and one of the best experiences I had during high school. I had a blast working on a solution with my friends and learnt many useful skills during workshops. If you’ve never been to a hackathon before, WolfHacks is the place to start!"

- Ibrahim Quraishi, First place winner, 2021

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Special Appearance: His Honor Mayor Patrick Brown

The honourable, Patrick Brown, City of Brampton's mayor is making a special appearance as the opening speaker at WolfHacks!

Past Winners



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Howler Heart

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Artificial Gravity Suit



Sponsor Us

WolfHacks is excited to present you with an opportunity to connect with bright, driven and innovative students. You, as a sponsor of WolfHacks, would help enhance the student experience in all facets of the hackathon, and ensure the event is free for all participants. Contribution from sponsors will exclusively go towards supplementing the experience of participants, from providing mentors, workshops, guest speakers, and more. You can help make this event truly memorable for our hackers.

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Meet the Team

Fatima Ahmed
Public Relations Sr.

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Armaan Sengupta
WolfHacks Organizer Sr.

Armaan Sengupta
Wolfhacks Organizer Sr.

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Andrew Xie

Andrew 2 -.png

Bentley Rattray

Staff Advisor

Ratray 2 -.png

Ankita Nayak

Ankita 2 -.png

Bhavneet Bola
Treasurer Sr.

Bhavneet 2 -.png

Garry Galsinh
Website Developer Sr.

Garry 2 -.png

Prabhleen Virdi
Public Relations Jr.

Prabhleen 2 -.png

Merciful Bolaji
Wolfhacks Organizer Jr.

Merciful 2 -.png

Dhara Parsania

Dhara 2 -.png

Khushi Vyas
Community Liason

Khushi 2 -.png

Tasneem Tandon
Program Research

Tasneem 2 -.png

Adam Abdillahi
General Member

Adam 2 -.png

Yashmi Madaan
Treasurer Jr.

Yashmi 2 -.png

Darsh Shah
Website Developer Jr.

Darsh 2 -.png

Anusheh Ahad
General Member

Anusheh 2 -.png

Shivam Dave
General Member

Shivam 2 -.png

Alisha Gandhi
General Member

Alisha 2 -.png

Parth Arora
General Member

Parth 2 -.png

Vishesh Garg
General Member

Vishesh 2 -.png

Pallavi Ahir
General Member

Pallavi 2 -.png

Kaiden Rai
General Member

Kaiden 2 -.png

Jasnoor Grewal
General Member

Jasnoor 2 -.png

Parth Arora
General Member

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