Chinguacousy Secondary school's Annual H

300+ Hackers

12 Hours

$30,000+ Prizes

A look back at wolfhacks21:

The WolfHacks 21 Experience

Want to see what goes on at WolfHacks? Check out our WolfHacks 2021 recap video



WolfHacks is a non-profit hackathon organized by Chinguacousy Secondary School SciTech students. This year, we are inviting Peel students from Grades 7-12 to come together and design creative solutions to real-world problems.


As a student-led organization, we believe that youth can change the world. We want to empower students by providing them with valuable skills, insights, and experiences in the STEM field. Through these opportunities, we envision that WolfHacks will serve as a launching pad for the next generation of problem solvers and world leaders.


At WolfHacks, we will give participants the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills through our design challenge. Additionally, we will have experienced mentors, expert guest speakers, engaging workshops, networking opportunities, prizes, and more!

 2021 workshops and guest speakers
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Special Appearance: His Honor Mayor Patrick Brown

The honourable, Patrick Brown, City of Brampton's mayor is making a special appearance as the opening speaker at WolfHacks!


A Look Into the Past; WolfHacks19

Want to see WolfHacks in the past? Check out our WolfHacks 2019 recap video

Past Experiences

"Wolfhacks was a really fun environment to hack in. All of the mentors and organizers were quite helpful and made it an amazing experience. If you were ever going pick a hackathon to win at, Wolfhacks should be one of your top choices." 

- David Li , First place winner, 2019

Our Partners
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WolfHacks is excited to present you with an opportunity to connect with bright, driven and innovative students. You, as a sponsor of WolfHacks, would help enhance the student experience in all facets of the hackathon, and ensure the event is free for all participants. Contribution from sponsors will exclusively go towards supplementing the experience of participants, from providing mentors, workshops, guest speakers, and more. You can help make this event truly memorable for our hackers.

Our Sponsors
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Previous Winners



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Howler Heart

Artificial Gravity Suit



Meet the Team

Karan Sidhu

Program Research

Rovin Parasnauth Website Developer Sr.

Ayush Singh


Bentley Rattray

Staff Advisor

Sara Sanas


Yohansa Weerasinghe

Public Relations Sr.

Charuhas Unni

Treasurer Sr.

Adam Abdillahi

General Member

Armaan Sangupta

Website Developer Jr.

Sabrina Saladeen


Mehakdeep Grewal

WolfHacks Organizer

Ben Fogerty

General Member

Dhara Parsania

Public Relations Jr.

Andrew Xie

Treasurer Jr.

Bhavneet Bola

General Member

Pallavi Ahir

General Member

Ankita Nayak

General Member

Parth Arora

Community Liaison

Vishesh Garg

WolfHacks Organizer

Garry Galsinh

General Member

Tasneem Tandon

General Member

Alisha Gandhi

General Member

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

This event is absolutely free! There are no fees of any sort to worry about.

What do I need to participate at home?

To participate, all you will need is access to a computer that can connect to the Internet.

Who can attend?

All Peel students from Grade 7 to 12 can participate. Although technical experience can be applied during the event, all students with non-technical backgrounds and interests, like science or the arts, are welcome as well.

What if I don't have an idea?

That’s completely normal! As you collaborate with your team and brainstorm together, you will start to come up with ideas. Not to mention, mentors will also be available to guide you along the way. When working with your team, all members will be able to contribute and reflect on ideas as a group.

What if I don't know how to code?

WolfHacks is beginner-friendly and requires no technical experience, so students of all skill sets and backgrounds are welcome. Just come with an open mind and a will to learn. There are awards and prizes that designs with absolutely NO coding can win. To help you grow, there will also be fun workshops and experienced mentors than can guide you if you're new to hackathons and coding.

What if I don’t want to present my hack?

You might think your project is incomplete, or unimpressive. However, you should present it anyway! Hackathons aren't about being the best or being competitive. It’s all about having fun, making friends and learning how to become better at the things you care about. Presenting your hack gives you a chance to showcase what you’ve accomplished, so be proud and own it!

I have a question that isn't answered here!

Feel free to email us at or use the contact form below!

How do I register?

The registration form will open on Friday, February 12th, 2021. Be sure to follow the WolfHacks social media pages for important updates. We are looking forward to reading your application!

Will WolfHacks be conducted in-person or virtually?

For the first time ever, WolfHacks will be a virtual hackathon! The full 12 hours of exciting events and activities will take place online!

What if I don't have a team?

Check for existing teams in your local circles, like at your Makerspace or your school's computer science club. You can even assemble your own team with your friends. Remember, you or your teammates do not require a technical background, so feel free to bring anyone who's interested. Teams can also be made at the event.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a community-based event where people from varying educational and technical backgrounds come together to form unique design solutions for real world problems. Individuals are given the opportunity to attend workshops and expand their understanding of modern technology. Hackathons are an excellent space for you to challenge yourself and gain skills necessary for the future!

Will I win any prizes?

Definitely! While learning new technical concepts and acquiring important skills, you will also be eligible for prizes throughout the event. Follow the WolfHacks social media pages for more details on this soon!

How will sponsors be able to support WolfHacks virtually this year?

Although WolfHacks will be taking place virtually this year, there are still several means by which YOUR corporation can help our hackathon become an astounding success. While providing monetary funding and other in-kind donations, your team will also be given exclusive opportunities to hold virtual workshops for our participants. As part of this sponsorship, you would receive further brand awareness by providing event mentors and judges. Click here to learn more about our sponsorship deals!

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